Career Counseling

Appointments are available in person at my Barrie office and via phone or virtually throughout Simcoe County & Ontario

The Career Counseling Approach

Career Counseling is a specialized service providing professional, comprehensive evaluation through interpersonal interviews and clinical analysis. Highly confidential, industry standard tests identify your strongest areas of career potential.

During the meetings, career and educational information is assembled leading toward determining achievable goals.

A series of information gathering inventories are completed in the office. These forms relate to personality, interests, values and aptitudes.

After completing the inventory, we will discuss your results and identify areas of strength. Clarification of individual characteristics and potentials lead directly to more informed choices and decisions about the future.

With a detailed summary of personal inventories and interpretive material, you are now able to explore and reflect over a select number of your options for school, job or retraining that truly suit you.


  • Informed Choices -Choosing a career is one of the single most important decisions made in a lifetime. if you have to make a change, make an informed choice.
  • Career Satisfaction -Choose from a selection of career choices that will allow you enjoyment and opportunities.
  • Staying in Control -Develop self awareness and understanding of your interests, needs and areas of strength that will help you stay in control and direct your decision making.
  • Risk Reduction -In today's unforgiving market don't waste your time and money in the wrong course or career.
  • Reducing Stress -Deal with the stressful impact of a job or career search by taking control of your own career path or employment plan.

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